FDC Enterprises provides every technical and chemical component required for post-plant maintenance of native grasses including: mowing, tilling, spraying and interseeding. With more than 309,000 acres of experience, FDC Enterprises can meet your post-plant maintenance CRP, CREP and other native grass establishments needs.




Systematic Execution: We provide and execute USDA prescribed mid-contract management practices in a systematic manner.

Specialized Custom Equipment: We have a full fleet of custom equipment to complete mowing, tilling, spraying and interseeding.

Custom Herbicide Application: We execute a USDA prescribed herbicide program to minimize post treatment weed competition.

GPS Validated Acreage: Acreage is monitored and documented by GPS and prevents skips or overlaps and ensures proper dosage.

Free Quote: We will work with you to develop a timely and accurate quote.

Payment Options: We have a number of payment options to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

Reference List: We have a number of quality references from resource professionals and customers.




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