FDC Enterprises is dedicated to the responsible use of herbicides for habitat management. We have been delivering dose-specific herbicide on native grass establishments since 2003. Our herbicide application services include: aquatic, forestry, right-of-way and other specialty applications for mid-contract management. We are equipped to perform most terrestrial and aquatic herbicide application projects nationwide.




Forestry Application: We have custom-built equipment to simultaneously spray up to 4 rows of trees; increasing efficiency and reducing soil compaction.

Low Volume Backpack Application: We were on the forefront of the first successful low volume backpack application for utility ROW managers and developed many of the production protocols now used in the utility industry.

CRP Mid-Contract Management Application: We have multiple pull-type 60' boom sprayer units for large mid-contract management projects. GPS helps to validate percentage of field covered.

Precision GPS Technology: All projects are mapped and monitored using RAVEN GPS technology.

Professionally Trained Experienced Staff: We have applied herbicide on over 390,000 acres since 2003.

Environmental Safety: We use closed extraction refillable and reusable plastic drums to eliminate spillage and reduce waste contribution to landfills.




The industry's premier provider of conservation services and sustainable biofuels/bioproducts