FDC Enterprises offers a full turn-key service including: seed bed preparation, procurement of the highest quality seed in the industry, chemical application and planting services. With more than 309,000 acres of establishment experience and a consistent 97% success rate, we have the expertise to successfully establish your native grass projects.




Superior Seed: We procure the best seed available, reprocess it to enhance purity and stratify it to greatly increase seed germination. All of our seed is specifically tested for Palmer Amaranth by our seed suppliers. FDCE will not plant any lots of seed that test positive for Palmer Amaranth.

Micronutrient Enhancement: We add our Essential Micronutrient Enhancement Blend to increase germination.

Specialized Custom Equipment: Our 30' drills are re-engineered by FDCE to provide proper and more consistent seed placement.

Custom Herbicide Application: We execute a site-specific herbicide program to minimize weed competition and enhance establishment.

Free Quote: We will work with you to develop a timely and accurate quote.

Payment Options: We have a number of payment options to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

Reference List: We have a number of quality references from resource professionals and customers.




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